Aboriginal, Environmental Groups to Sue Canada for Approving LNG Project

Port Edward, British Columbia (  Invest Northwest BC  )

Port Edward, British Columbia (Invest Northwest BC)

Aboriginal and environmental groups will file lawsuits Thursday against the Canadian government to eradicate the recently approved C$27 billion LNG Petronas project in British Columbia.

The project was approved by Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau in September under 190 conditions and served as a test for Canada’s Liberal Party as the country fights to both better the environment and boost the country’s energy industry.

The environmental groups claim the environment assessment process is filled with flaws and that Canada failed to review the project’s climate impact.

Aboriginal communities say they are suing the government of not properly and meaningfully engaging with the groups before granting the approval.

The lawsuits will challenge the project even more after it has already seen a three-year delay in receiving an environmental permit.

The two groups say they believe a decision on the project will be in their favor.

The LNG project led by Petronas would liquefy natural gas at a facility in Port Edward, British Columbia and then export approximately 12 million tons of LNG a year to Asia.