4,200 Gallons of Crude Oil Spill into Barataria Bay

A crude oil leak occurred on Monday in an abandoned line near Lake Grande Ecaille in Barataria Bay spilling approximately 4,200 gallons of oil into open water in southwest Louisiana.

Officials with Hilcorp Energy, the owner of the affected pipeline, told the Coast Guard the oil flow from a malfunctioning valve was immediately stopped after the spill was discovered and has been contained.

The company reported in a statement that it is currently operating cleanup procedures and will keep state and federal agencies updated on the response. Hilcorp is investigating the leak but says it is too early yet to speculate a possible cause.

A spill response contractor deployed booms to contain part of the spill that affected 8 square miles of water and a patch of wetlands.

Several officials are overseeing the response of the spill, including the Coast Guard, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinators Office, and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Houston Chronicle
The Times-Picayune